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I host seasonal Bangladeshi & Sri Lankan supper club dinners and occasional pop-up events in New York. These are unique dining experiences typically hosted through a social dining platform called EatWith -- if you are food-curious and like socializing with new people, this is for you!

If you'd like to set up a group dinner for your friends, however, I'm also happy to accommodate private event requests and can create a custom menu for your party -- email me for details.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to be notified of my future events.



Available on request only

Cardamom & Cloves: A Bangladeshi “Dawat” Feast

“Dawat” in Bengali means “a feast” or an “invitation to a feast”. I invite you to join us to experience the wonderful and rather unexplored cuisine of Bangladesh with a 7-course feast. I will be preparing dishes that I grew up eating in Bangladesh, cooked the traditional way but all presented with a contemporary approach.

With its tropical monsoon climate, flowing rivers and influences from Mughal cuisine, Bangladeshi food is prominent for its vegetables, fish and aromatic spices. Each of my courses will introduce you to a variety of flavors and culinary traditions in Bangladesh. 

We’ll start the evening with a welcome drink and bites served cocktail style as we get acquainted. We'll continue to a seated dinner with a couple of small plates followed by classic Bengali main courses, served family-style. We'll end with dessert and tea.

Cardamom & Cloves: Bangladeshi Dinner
A Monsoon Welcome

Lychee & Lime Cordial
Crushed lychees, lime juice & coconut liquor

Street-Side Savories

Tangy chickpeas with tamarind, cilantro, onions

Chanachur Makha
Puffed lentil, rice crisps, peanuts with chillies and lime

Homestyle Comforts

Daal, Bhaat, Bhorta
Slow cooked lentils & spiced mashed potatoes with homemade tomato chutney

Fish & Vegetables

Chingri Malaikari
Shrimp with aromatic spices and coconut milk

Mishti Kumro Bhaji
Seasonal squash sautéed with nigella seeds

Mughal Style Meats

Murgir Korma
Chicken in a creamy, nutty base fragranced with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ghee

Shami Kabab
Spiced mutton and chickpea kebabs


Rice pilaf with ghee, saffron and nuts

Aamer Achaar
Sweet mango chutney


Shahi Tukra
Bread pudding with saffron & pistachios

Tea with sweetened milk

Coconut & Curry Leaves: Sri Lankan Dinner

Join us for an evening exploring the cuisine of Sri Lanka, an island nation with a truly unique culinary heritage that has been influenced by Dutch colonists, Arab traders and the surrounding Indian subcontinent.

My seven-course menu will guide you through the best of what the tropical island has to offer, giving you a taste of popular street snacks, creative contemporary dishes and cocktails inspired by the many beachside resorts, hand-picked Ceylon teas from the hill country, and of course, all the staples in a traditional home-style Sri Lankan meal. You'll be transported to Sri Lanka without stepping foot outside of New York!

We’ll welcome you with a signature tropical cocktail upon arrival and serve appetizers over introductions. We’ll continue with a seated dinner consisting of different curries, lentils and accompaniments served family-style in Sri Lankan earthen claypots. An ever-popular dessert and tea to end the night. 

Coconut & Curry Leaves: Sri Lankan Dinner
A Tropical Welcome

Tropical Heat Cocktail
Mango, jalapeños, ginger & arak coconut liquor

Street Snacks & Short Eats

Kottu Roti
Chopped up "roti" flatbread tossed with vegetables & spices

Coconut Chickpeas
Spiced chickpeas with grated coconut, chillies & lime

Rice & Curries

Ceylon Chicken Curry
Slow cooked chicken simmered in a blend of curry leaves, lemongrass, tamarind and coconut milk

Cashew Curry
A mild curry with cashew nuts and coconut milk

Pineapple Curry
Spicy and sweet curry with fresh pineapple and pandan

Brinjal Moju
Tangy roasted eggplant with fenugreek, chillies and tamarind

Lentils & Grains

Seasonal Vegetable Dhal Curry
Lentils with market vegetables, tempered spices, fried onions

Ghee Rice
Basmati rice pilau with ghee, aromatic spices and fried onions


Pol Sambol
Grated coconut, onions, crushed chillies and lime

Pickles & Pappadums
Sweet mango pickle and spiced gram flour “pappadum” crisps


Creamy custard with coconut, date molasses and cashews

Ceylon Tea
A selection of fine loose leaf teas from Sri Lanka


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