Noor Shams

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Hi - I'm Noor!

I'm an international development consultant, supper club host, food and culture enthusiast and a perpetual daydreamer. Cooking, styling and photographing food are some of my biggest passions, what fills much of my free time, and what this space is primarily dedicated to.

I am originally from Bangladesh but grew up globally living across half a dozen cities (including Dhaka, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Moscow and Los Angeles) before settling in New York. Naturally, I love exploring food from all over the world. There's nothing I enjoy more than connecting with others through food -- whether it be at the table over a communal meal or through recipes and stories shared.

I love cooking and creating new recipes that particularly reflect my Bangladeshi upbringing as well as my husband's Sri Lankan roots, and I also occasionally host pop-up events in New York that are focused on these two cuisines in particular. I'm currently developing this site to function as an index of recipes that I have crafted and curated, which I look forward to sharing soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me with questions and collaboration ideas, follow my work on Instagram and keep an eye out for my upcoming social dining events.

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