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Layers of Influence: Uncovering the Origins of Biryani

Biryani for MOFAD - photo by Noor Shams

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Museum of Food and Drink, New York

Did you know that biryani, the now-popular staple of Indian restaurants across the world, was once associated with royal families? Layered with rice, meat, marinade, and spices, this aromatic, one-pot dish actually has a history as complex as its flavor.

Join Noor Shams as she traces the origins and many variations of biryani across the Indian subcontinent. Follow the aromas to MOFAD, and learn about the ingredients, techniques, and influences that have shaped this popular dish as we know it today.

Come learn to about the dish's variations and then stay to taste a few!

This program is part of MOFAD's Lab's Lab series.

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